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sâmbătă, 23 august 2014

If you never FAILED you never LIVED

Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

When we fail we become victims of our thoughts and chances to come back stronger are minimal.

If you think that your failures are the worst ever... then take a look to the following people ... 

and think again:

  • 3 Times : Steven Spielberg was rejected by University of Southem California, after which he dropped out to become director.
  • 25 Times : Tim Ferrie's book " The 4 Hour Work Week" was rejected by publishers.
  • 300 Times : founder of approached Investors before he got funding.
  • 400 Times :  Richard Branson launched companies before he founded one "out of his world" (virgin Galactic)
  • 753 Times : English Novelist John Creasey got rejection slips before he published 564 books.
  • 1009 Times : Colonel Sanders who just started KFC was turned down when he tried selling his fried chicken recipe.
  • 1,500 Times : Sylvester Stallone was rejected when he tried selling his script and himself as the film "ROCKY".
  • 5,126 Times : James Dyson created failed prototypes of his vacuum cleaner before succeeding.
  • 10,000 Times : Thomas Edison created failed prototypes of his electric bulb before succeeding.
and more:
  • Oprah was fired from one of her early anchor gigs, after being labelled “unfit for TV.”
  •  Twilight author Stephenie Meyer had 9 rejections from literary agents, and then…a $750,000 three-book deal.
  • Abraham Lincoln had less than five years of formal education.
  • Marilyn Monroe was booted from 20th Century-Fox, after producers declared her “unattractive.”
  • Beethoven was almost completely deaf when he composed “The Ode To Joy.” He removed the legs from his piano and placed it on the floor, letting the vibrations resonate through his body.
  • Verdi was rejected from a prestigious music conservatory in Milan, because he “wasn’t talented enough.” He wrote 28 operas, including La Traviata, Aida, and Othello.
  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
Don’t worry about failure.
Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.
Good luck!

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