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vineri, 1 august 2014

#Makeitcount! Don't dream of winning. Train for it. by Mo Farah

Motivational & Expressive Sports Ads from NIKE!

With the #makeitcount hashtag going on in social media and a super commercial made by Casey Neistat and Max Joseph, the Nike ‘Make it Count’ prints have been released to push the brand’s new campaign a little further.

Nike “#Make it Count” campaign, launched earlier in 2012, features eleven athletes in three countries, including Mo Farah (400m Runner), Mark Cavendish MBE (Cyclist), Luol Deng (Basketball), Paula Radcliffe MBE (Marathon), Rio Ferdinand (Football), Perri Shakes-Drayton (Hurdles), and Jack Wilshere (Football). The #MAKE IT COUNT campaign was launched with posters in Nike Town Oxford Street’s windows and ground floor, moving on to a billboard and digital media placement, and an exhibition of the photography at Nike’s 1948 store.

The Nike ‘Makand  it Count’ prints continue the brand’s new adverts, which revolve around the concept of having a sporty new years resolution. Much like the commercial itself, the prints feature the same cast of individuals in the video with motivational phrases scrawled over the images. 
Stimulating sayings such as:
" Don't dream of winning. Train for it."  by Mo Farah  (Runner)
" Remain the fastest. Become the greatest."  by Mark Cavendish(Cyclist)
" Nearly isn't enough."  by Paula Radcliffe (Marathon)
" Walk to the stadium, sprint to the finish"  by Perri Shakes-Drayton (Hurdles)
" I'll return to deliver"  by Luol Deng (Basketball)
" Come back for club, prove it for country"  by Jack Wilshere (Football)
" More to learn plenty to teach"  by Rio Ferdinand (Football)

For aspiring athletes looking for a motivation, the Nike ‘Make it Count’ prints will definitely do the trick.


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