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sâmbătă, 2 august 2014

Brand collaborations

Successful collaborations

Sometimes the best branding and products comes out of a good, old-fashioned brand partnership. 

Coming with a fresh idea in a vacuum isn't always the easiest or best idea so sometimes brands collaborate to create something that is better than anything they could make individually. 

Brand collaborations have become a regular and common design and marketing strategy. Increasingly common with both consumers and brands, this approach to business, when executed correctly, can be hugely advantageous from a branding and marketing standpoint. 

Diet Coke & Jean Paul Gaultter, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs

‘Club Coke’ bottle with Daft Punk

These Android OS Names Were in the Running for the New Product

 MARTINI Gold by Dolce&Gabbana

Issey Miyake and Evian Collaborate for a Fashionable Bottle

Perrier &   Burlesque legend Ditta Von Teese

Chocolate-Infused Tech Products


S. Pellegrino recent collaboration with Converse

S. Pellegrino & Bvlgari

The Heineken x UNION x Freshness T-Shirt Comes in its Own Six-Pack

The ABSOLUT Moscow Bottle Design Shows National Pride

Fredrik Söderberg, the new Absolut Svea is proud to be Swedish

Chocolate Eclairs by Lacoste X Fauchon are Deliciously Exclusive

Coca-Cola x PLAY Comme Des Garcons Present a Bold Redesign

The Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers Collection is Yummy Enough to Eat

The Heineken x Lowdi x Ed Banger Speaker System Provides Music and Libations

Monsieur Qui Bottle Green Packaging is Dressed to the Nines

Nike & Apple

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