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joi, 14 august 2014

GO & DO something great right now. GoPro be a HERO

GoPro HERO3: Epic 

Great video from GoPro team. Absolutely motivational, after seeing this video the effect is something like you wanna GO & DO something great right now.

One year ago two friends of mine send me this amazing video, they were saying that for them this was a video that make them realize how young they are & what a boring lifestyle they have... this was the reason they started swimming, skiing and exploring all beautiful things that we have around us and can make us feel: FREE &  INVINCIBLE :)

Thanks to them, I start running & going to gym more constantly and also I started to pay more attention about nutrition.

If you feel the same or you just wanna have a relaxing time, then is PERFECT :)
enjoy this video maybe will inspire you, how knows ;)

Source: You Tube
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