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luni, 4 august 2014

How important is an Interactive Retailer?

Interactive retail 

think outside of the box

Interactive means innovative and this is attracting new customers & maintain a strong relationship with existing ones, also this is  how they are responding to the social aspect of day by day life.

Below are couple of examples of personalized experiences that making shopping easier to more exciting window displays that draw consumers like moths to a flame, these examples of interactive retail think outside of the box to increase foot traffic and, as a result, sales. 

C&A, Brazilian fashion retailer displays Facebook ‘likes’ for items in its real-world stores

The eBay Give a Toy Store Lets You Donate Toys by Scanning

Golfers enjoy the interactive experience at a PGA TOUR Superstore.

Retail Recommending Booths
Inspiration Corridor Offers Fashion Suggestions and Helps Locate Items

Boundary-Blending NIKElab Merges the Online World with the Physical Realm

Adidas' 'HomeCourt' Stores Take Sports Retailing to the Next Level

PUMA – Design your own Sneakers (2010)

Marks & Spencer’s – Virtual Rail (2013)

The Jou Jou Toy Store Gets Interactive with Branding

Calvin Klein Sound Installation Offers Customers an Audio Experience

Passersby Change Ballerina's Image in the Repetto Window Display

Atrium by Studio RHE Features Interlocking, Rotating Walls

Yeti Storybook Window Displays
The Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window is an Interactive Experience

Pop-Up Shopping Pods
The Nike+ Fuelstations

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